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October 13, 2008 by messiah1
Ok.  I'm a meat eater, I love it.  Nothing tops a good steak in my book.  My wife, she has sworn off meat in favor of a vegan lifestyle.  No animal byproducts if she can help it.  Which is hard if you look at the ingredients of things.  I try to be supportive, but something that causes intense "discussion" between us is this.  Is it morally wrong to eat animals?  What makes it wrong?

Is a vegan a better human because they don't eat meat?  Why?...
November 17, 2007 by messiah1
When tempers flare...things get said. There were a couple forum posts yesterday about an issue that has a broad meaning to the community. Things were said that shouldn't have been said here, in our community. They should have been handled outside of the forum post, like via Private Message or Email. I am not apoligizing for what I personaly said because I stand behind my words but some of it was off topic and didn't need to be aired in the forum. What I'd like to say, though, is this. I'm ...
May 18, 2007 by messiah1
I posted this originally as an article but probably should have just stuck it in a forum.

Just a quick question, as the title implies...when? Most of all the premium Suites from SD are the same basic stuff. Not much there, not alot to work with for creating matching docks...same overall design and concept. Isn't WindowBlinds their software...and yet they don't do anything like what some of the better regular skinners are doing. I'm not out to bash, but I'm sure a bunch of people will jump o...
January 31, 2007 by messiah1
First off, that is a partial quote from some holier-than-thou muttonhead. But I wanted to see what others think. So, do you feel we are a dying community? I've only been a member for just over a year but as I see it, this community is growing...rapidly and is THE stop for Windows customization. Sound off.